Phantom Actor™

The only light craft beer for the cosmopolitan crowd.


Craft beer is booming but, due to market saturation, novelty and often unpalatable flavours proliferate; category branding is largely unappealing.


Design a light beer with enough character to stand out from light American equivalents.


The buy-local, think-global value of young people isn’t represented in the wildly cartoonish, artisanal brands of craft beers.


A light beer that is at home at fashion shows and behind DJ booths.


Provincial Brand Ltd




Alberta, Canada






Grizzly Paw Brewing Co
John James

Aurora Cdn Blonde Ale was a sessional ale designed for those who enjoy a health-conscious nightlife. It was produced in partnership with a brewmaster formerly with Brooklyn Brewery, a designer formerly with Nike, and an established independent brewery nestled among the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

During its run, Aurora was the beer of choice at FITC Toronto’s CAMP Festival in Calgary, fashion shows put on by the likes of Holt Renfrew, the Rust Magic International Street Mural Festival in Edmonton, tattoo events, and live music events.

While beer snobs snubbed it, the regional recipe Aurora adapted itself from went on to win the gold medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards. Our iteration decreased the alcohol per volume and the carbonation levels to prevent discomfort among those dancing the nights away at Edmonton’s 9910 or the Bower, or stopping in at Milk Tiger after spending the day cycling Calgary’s trails. The nutty, floral bouquet went on to win legions of fans, making it one of the fastest growing craft beers in Alberta at the time. So much so, it was stocked not just by indie retailers and bars, but also by national restaurant chains, such as the Keg and Original Joe’s.

Unfortunately, the project was one of many to suffer closure due to changes made to the provincial tax code, rendering the business model unsustainable.