Phantom Actor™
Brand strategy
Name design

Modern cuisine made from the nutritional ingredients used to power the world’s best athletes.


Flip an under-performing vegan café attached to one of the city’s most popular yoga studios.


Introduce a new concept eatery that provides culinary nutrition to athletes and high-performance individuals, in a city demographically characterised by an adoption of fast food over healthy lifestyle.


Athletes tend to defer to function over form in their diet, eschewing the pleasures of eating. High-performance individuals struggle to understand the science behind their nutrition.


The Nike of food.


Chef Erin Smandych




Edmonton, Canada




Closed due to pandemic


Mae Mu

Chef Erin Smandych provides culinary nutrition, consulting, and performance-based private cheffing to an elite roster of international private clients, including athletes around the world, executives across Canada, and specialists in the United States. They come to her to improve their performance in their professional and personal lives.

Masterlab was launched as the in-house eatery to one of Edmonton’s most popular yoga studios. The menu catered to the casual and professional athlete alike. Partnerships followed: Masterlab became the official partner to the Edmonton’s professional sports franchises, including the Canadian Football League’s Elks, the Canadian Elite Basketball League’s Stingers, the North American Soccer League’s FC Edmonton, as well as Ballet Edmonton.

Phantom Actor designed and tested the name Masterlab and worked with Chef Smandych to position the brand. It was so well regarded that prestigious Beverly Hills yoga brand Alo offered Masterlab retail exclusivity in the province of Alberta. Albeit voted among the popular yoga studio in Edmonton, it rebranded and adopted the Masterlab name and positioning, adopting the tagline Yoga Sport & Performance Food, hosting sport-oriented yoga events from around the world.

When accounting for the reduced hours and complications due to COVID-19, sales still outperformed the former vegan franchise. Unfortunately, the two markets hardest hit by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic were gyms and restaurants. Masterlab opened less than a year before the first government-enforced closures and, as a combined business—yoga studio and eatery, did not survive the next two years’ worth of hardships.